2016 - 2017 Girls Strength and Conditioning Syllabus

2016 - 2017 Girls Strength and Conditioning Syllabus




Students enrolled in strength and conditioning learn about and participate in weight training, plyometric training, cardiovascular training, and flexibility training.  All exercises implemented are based on the National Strength and Conditioning Association’s Guidelines.  The students learn about human anatomy, nutrition, weight training philosophies and methods, and basic biomechanics.  When students leave the program, they will have the skills and knowledge to develop and implement their own fitness routine.  This course may be taken as an elective.  

Prerequisite:  90% or above in fitness or previous Strength and Conditioning; Must obtain course instructor approval



  1. The students will develop and increase proper weight training knowledge and technique.
  2. The students will develop and increase muscular strength, muscular endurance, power, agility, and flexibility.
  3. The students will increase their self esteem and feeling of well-being.
  4. The students will increase their knowledge of strength training anatomy.
  5. The students will leave the program with the skills, knowledge, discipline, and desire to develop and implement an individual fitness program which is functional.



  1. Workout intensity and attitude.
  2. Proper lifting and spotting technique
  3. Completion of proper warm-up, workout, and cool-down.
  4. Maintenance of weight room equipment.
  5. Proper dress = athletic sneakers tied and laced tightly; socks; t-shirt; appropriate length shorts to mid thigh/athletic pants.
  6. Workout journal - must be completed DAILY
  7. Sportsmanship - positivity and support of all classmates
  8. Performance on lifting tests: air squat, front squat, overhead squat, shoulder press, push press, push jerk, deadlift, sumo deadlift high pull, medicine ball clean



Each student will be evaluated daily on the components listed above.  The following breakdown will be used to determine points:

  • 4 Points = meets all components without question
  • 3 Points = workout intensity is good but not 100% of their effort and/or not   performing correct lifting/spotting technique
  • 2 Points = instructor had to intervene to keep student participating in workout and/or student does not meet another component
  • 1 Point = instructor had to intervene more than once to keep student participating in workout and/or student does not meet 2 other components
  • 0 Points = student does not dress for class or has to be removed due to inappropriate behavior



It is the student’s responsibility to contact the teacher(s) when he/she is absent from class to make arrangements to make up any missed assignments and/or assessments.


  • All missed assignments and/or assessments must be made up within three school days from the day the student returns from the absence.


    • Students with doctor’s notes for extended absences will be required to make up missed participation in class by completing course relevant written assignments within one class period.
    • ****Due to the fact that fitness class is based on participation, students who have class daily for the quarter may only miss six (6) classes for any reason (Dr. notes, Guidance apt., absent, vacation, etc.) after 6 days the grade for each missed class is a zero. This includes a doctor’s note requiring a student to be excused for medical reasons.  Students with medical excuses may not miss more than 25% of classes.  Students that surpass this mark will be withdrawn, and the course will have to be made up at a later date.  Excused missed classes can be made up by completing alternate written assignments via google docs within 3 days of the missed class, or by engaging in 30 minutes of physical activity before or after school.  Make-ups dates and times must be arranged with the instructor.



    • All students must secure and lock all personal belongings in their assigned locker.  (Clothing, Chrome Book, Wallet, Cell Phone, etc.)  Failure to do so is at one’s own risk.
    • No food, drinks (other than water), gum allowed in the locker room or fitness facilities.
    • All items must be removed from assigned lockers by the last day of scheduled class.
    • Students are not to cut through the gyms to enter locker room.  Please use the stairwells to avoid disrupting classes and tracking dirt through the gyms.
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