Fitness Class Missed Class/Make-up Work Instructions

Medical Excuse OR Missed Class Make-Up Work


Any students exceeding the 3 absences allotted per quarter OR with a written doctor’s note on file with the school nurse can earn their 4 class points each day by completing a reading/written assignment.


  1.  Find an online article that is relevant to the missed class.
  • I.E. If you missed a Fitness class in which Badminton was being taught, you need to find an article about Badminton.  
  • Check Skyward if you are not sure what you missed.
  1.  Read the article.  

     3.  Create a Google doc & name the Google Doc “First Initial, Last Name, Date of missed class”

                (I.E. A Miller 9/19/15)


   4.  Each assignment must be 4 paragraphs long.  Each paragraph must be 4-6 sentences long.

  1.  Paragraph 1: Identify the title of the article, author & summarize the main idea(s).
  2.  Paragraph 2: Discuss 2-4 key points from the article.
  3.  Paragraph 3: Summarize how this article is relevant to what you missed in class.
  4.  Paragraph 4: Explain how you intend to use what you have learned from the article in Fitness-Strength class/real life.


5.  Cut, paste & fill in the form below & attach it to the top of your document

           Class day (even/odd) & period:

           Day & Date of missed class:

           Due date of assignment:

           Topic of missed class:

           Link to article:

           Title of article:

           Author of article:


6.  Due Dates

  • If you are excused for medical reasons & present in school, this assignment must be sent via Google Docs BY THE END OF THE NEXT CLASS PERIOD that you are present in school.  
  • If you are completing the assignment due to excessive absences, this assignment must be submitted via Google Docs within 3 school days of the class absence.  


7.  Anything incomplete or turned in after the deadline will be given a zero.



Class Day: Even

Class Period: 1st

Date of missed class: 9/19/15

Due date of assignment: 9/23/15

Topic of missed class: Crossfit

Link to article:

Title of article: Understanding Crossfit

Author of article: Greg Glassman


The title of the article that I will be reviewing is “Understanding Crossfit, by Greg Glassman.  In the article Mr. Glassman explains the main concepts of Crossfit.  Crossfit is a style of exercise which focuses on physical preparedness.  It is a combination of “constantly varied, high-intensity, functional movement.”  While it tends to be highly criticized in the public eye, Crossfit has been developed with a specific methodology, theory of implementation & adaptations.

One key point from the article is that Crossfit is the need to be prepared for physical challenges that may arise & how Crossfit allows it athletes to rise to the occasion.  Another key point is the explanation of the methodology of Crossfit.  It is an evidence-based program that has been clinically tested.  A third key point is how Crossfit has the ability to increase work capacity across broad work & time modals.  

This article is relevant to the class that I missed.  It is relevant because the class I missed was an introduction to Crossfit.  This article gave a written introduction to Crossfit.  It discussed  it’s methodology, implementation & adaptations.  The article helped me to understand more deeply what was taught in class.

I intend to use what I have learned from this article by trying Crossfit.  I intend to see how Crossfit can help me with my own exercise program.  I also think that from reading this article that taking part in Crossfit may help me with my other sports.  In conclusion, this article was a very informative article about Crossfit that I intend to use in the future & apply to my own personal exercise regime.

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