Classroom rules


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Mrs. McCoy


Rules and Expectations


1.        No talking while I am talking. Wait until you are called on to answer.


2.        Do not speak while others are speaking. Be courteous, listen when others are talking and wait to add your input. This way we can have great class discussions.


3.        Class begins at 11:20 p.m. That is when you must be in the classroom. If you are latethree (3) times a discipline referral will be sent to the office.


4.        Come to class prepared to participate and take notes. Bring a pencil and a notebook. 


5.        Any misconduct including inappropriate language and behavior will not be tolerated.   


6.        Always ask permission to leave the room. You must have your student planner in order to leave the room, and then you will have to sign out.


7.        The computers in the classroom are only to be used when given permission.


8.        Remain in your seats until the bell rings at the end of class.


9.        Respect yourself, your neighbor, your teacher, and the classroom at all times.          


10.     As per the rules at Exeter SHS,cell phones will not be toleratedand will be taken on sight.







Please see the absent folder, located on the back counter near the class bins, before

coming to me when absent. The folder will contain any missed work while you are







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