Class Syllabus


Publishing & Media

Mrs. McCoy

Room E203

Phone: (610) 779-3060 ext. 2803



Course Description:

Through various texts, writings, and projects the field of Publishing & Media is examined. The fields of publishing, magazine, radio, television, and movies are included in this course. This is an English credit therefore students will also continue to work on their grammar, spelling, and vocabulary skills.


Learning Outcomes:

Students will be able to:

1. Understand the layout of print.

               2. Write an article in various forms

3. Understand the principles of advertising both in print and television.

4. Create an advertising campaign for both magazine and television for a newly

    created item.

5. Create, film and edit a newscast.               

4. Comprehend the history of television.

5. View a movie with a critical eye.

6. Work effectively in groups.



Instructional Methods:

This course will be taught using a variety of instructional methods including lecture, class discussion, small group work, projects, and research.


Units of Study:







News Broadcasting






If you are absent from school, you must check the “Absent Folder” when you return. Here you will find handouts and assignments that you have missed. You should ask a classmate for any notes or come in between/after school to copy mine. Most handouts, overheads, power points, etc. will be on my webpage on the district website for you to access from home if you choose. If you are absent for a prolonged period of time, you will have the same amount of time to make up your work.


Late Assignments:

Any major assignments will be docked 10% for each day it is late. Most of these assignments will be worth 100 points; therefore, you will lose 10 points per day. This policy applies only to long-term assignments, not homework.



Your grade will be based on various assignments including projects, book reports, quizzes, homework, class participation, and exams.



Assessments will be made through exams, class participation, quizzes, and projects (group and individual).



Final Assignment

Student’s final assignment will be his/her final grade for this class. The final assignment is aMemory Bookthat the class will work on throughout given class time. Students are required to write about specific topics per chapter. Final project will be compiled like a scrapbook.


Required items for class: