Classroom Rules and Procedures


Welcome to 7th Grade World History.  My Name is Miss Oakill, and I will be your teacher this year. I am very excited to get the year started! Our textbook is called Human Heritage: A World History.  Together we will learn why history is important and the beginning of early man. We will then travel to ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt. Keep your bags packed, because we are off to Greece to party with the gods, and learn a little culture along the way. Rome is next, followed by the early middle ages, where we will have tea with kings, and pillage with the Vikings.  We will sail through new empires while picking up tips of how to run a government put our faith in a religion and spread a culture. Finally, we will end our journey with modern times, discovering new ideas, lands, and people.  Its going to be a wonderful trip around the world in 90 days!

So…what will I need for this journey?

1. A 3 ring binder …one inch is best. You will need 5 dividers.

2. Pencil and a pen – colored pencils or markers on occasion and highlighter

3. Your textbook everyday, unless told otherwise.


4. Your Chrome Book fully charged for each class

5. An open mind and a will to learn

How will I be graded?

All grades will be on a total point basis. You will usually know ahead of time how much an assignment is worth. You will be graded on class participation, homework, quizzes, tests, journals, in class activities, etc. All major assignments will be told in advance.  Some things, such as pop quizzes, notebook checks, journals, and class participation will be randomly graded, so put 100% effort in everything you do.  I do not give grades, your EARN them!!!

Late Assignments: I will accept late assignments up until a certain point, usually 2 weeks before the grading period ends.  You will be well aware of what you are missing, and when you must have it completed well in advance. Late assignments will not be given full credit.  All assignments can be handed in late for partial credit EXCEPT OUTLINES! Outlines serve as your notes for the class, and contain all the answers to the tests and quizzes. These must be done! If you need a completed copy after they are graded, you can see me, or check my website, all outlines will be posted after the due date.

What does Miss Oakill expect from me?

I expect you to give me your undivided attention while in my class.  I expect you to be courteous and polite to your fellow classmates and to me. I expect you to follow the rules and procedures discussed the first day of class. I expect you to complete all or your assignments to the best of your ability. But most of all, I expect you to relax, learn, and have fun doing it

What should you expect from me?

You should expect me to give you my best knowledge and understanding of the topic. I will give you my undivided attention when you have a question, a problem, or just don’t understand a concept. I will try to answer any questions you have concerning the topic at hand, and if for some reason you stump me, I will find the answer for you the following day.  I will try to accommodate your interests by providing different types of activities.


  1. arrive to class on time and be prepared

  2. speak only when given permission

  3. leave assigned seats only with teacher permission

  4. keep hands, feet, and objects to ourselves

  5. respect adults, students, ourselves, and property

I know you a responsible enough to learn and understand the rules.  I will respect you, your opinions, thoughts, and ideas.  You are old enough to grasp the concept of what proper classroom behavior is, and what it is not. It is your choice, and your choice alone to follow the rules and meet my expectations.  Your choices and actions result in consequences.  A Consequence is not a punishment; it is simply what happens when a person does something.  If you should make the choice to break a rule, you them must accept the consequences of that choice.   


1st time – warning: verbal or non verbal

2nd time – name written on board along with number of rule violated

3rd time – number of violated rule added to behind name

4th time – removal from class to vice principal’s office with a discipline form followed

                by teacher phone call to parent before the end of the school day

Severe disruption – sent to office immediately


Entering the Room:

Enter in a quiet fashion directly to your assigned seat.  Check the board for your first assignment of the day. If there isn’t any, begin reviewing notes or preparing for class. Make sure you have a something to write with and you are ready to go. If you need to use the bathroom, this is the time to ask!!! Not when class begins!!!

Prepare for Class:

Every time you come to class unprepared you will lose class participation points. This means every time you forget your book, or a pencil, pen, etc, you will lose points. Everyone starts off with a 100%, it is up to you to maintain it.  I am NOT your personal school supply store.

Heading on Papers:

All papers must include name, date, and block in the upper right hand corner


If you have a questions raise your hand and wait to be called on. If we are having a discussion, feel free to voice your opinion, thought, or idea, but keep in mind your respect of others. We all must learn to be tolerant. We may not agree with what someone has to say, but we must let them express their opinion without criticism.


If you were absent one day, check Schoology to see if you missed anything.  Check with a friend to see if you missed any notes.  If you are having trouble getting the notes, see me, I will get a set for you to copy. All outlines are posted online after the due date.  It is your RESPONSIBILITY to hand in missed work, late work, etc on your own. I will not remind you that you were absent and did not hand something in. If you remember a few days later, it is late; because it was due the day you came back. If you miss a test or quiz, or the review for either, I expect you to take it when you return.  You will know ahead of time about a quiz or test, so your absence should not affect you.


If you are caught cheating during a test, you will automatically receive a zero. If you argue about cheating you will be sent to the office. There should be no talking during any testing situation, if you have a question, ask me, not your neighbor, otherwise, I will cite you as cheating.  If you copy someone’s homework, or let someone copy yours, which is cheating as well. Both parties will receive a zero. Do your own work; it’s the only way you are going to learn.  


Write down any homework given in assignment book, pack up belongings and leave in an orderly fashion.  There will be NO standing at the door.


Rewards will be given randomly. Rewards should not be expected every time you do something well. The best reward you can give yourself is the grade you EARN. IF you follow the rules, respect yourself and others, you will be rewarded with a few “perks” along the way.


I have read the attached packet of information concerning Miss Oakill’s World History Class. I understand that by signing this contract, I will accountable for the rules and procedures within this contract. If I have any questions, I may ask Miss Oakill at any time.

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Parent/Guardian Signature Date

Contact Information:

Throughout the year I may need to contact your parent or guardian. I send emails or make phone calls to update them about your grades, your classroom performance, and to tell them how great you are! Just because I am calling home, doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing! I would like to have your parent or guardian email or best number to reach them. If you are not sure of this information, please have them fill it out. If they would rather not give out this information, that’s okay too.

Name: Relationship to Student: Email: Phone/Cell

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