Kindergarten Academy: Recognizing Letters

Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/31/2020

Letters, letters everywhere! When students are learning to read, there is a lot of brain work to understand how the letters are shaped and sized.  That's 26 complicated shapes to learn and discern! In this week's blog we will be exploring letters with lots of our Kindergarten Friends!  



First, Mrs. Bitler, one of our Reading Specialists, reads aloud a book all about Kindergarten!

Mrs. Bitler reads K is for Kindergarten


The next videos are called EdPuzzles. They contain videos which, at times, promote interactive questions. You'll see these in Kindergarten as well!  In the first, Mrs. Vogt shares an activity for students to practice with letters! The additional EdPuzzles are some more fun ways to practice with letter recognition activities to support summer learning!

Mrs. Vogt helps students practice with Letter Recognition

Jack Hartman and the Alphabet Song

Jack Hartman and Uppercase Letters

Jack Hartman and Lowercase Letters


Finally, the last video is Mrs. Macrina explains some tips and tricks for our parents and caregivers to help with recognizing letters.  

Letter recognition for families