Kindergarten Academy: Shapes and Colors

Posted by Melissa Devlin on 7/17/2020

Two areas for Kindergarten learning that are fun and easy to practice in the summertime include knowledge of shapes and colors! Join us as we share ideas and resources to help your incoming student practice these skills through fun learning opportunities!


First, join Mrs. Druzba as we learn about colors for describing and some of the first words we will learn to read in Kindergarten! This video is for students as Mrs. Druzba helps us understand each color and where we can find those colors in our world.

Mrs. Druzba teaches us the basic colors 



Join Mrs. Krommes as we sing our way through the color words!

Mrs. Krommes helps us learn a song to remember the colors


These are some of our favorite books for learning about colors:

  • Freight Train
  • A Color of His Own
  • Mouse Paint
  • Kitten:  Red, Yellow, Blue
  • Planting a Rainbow
  • Dog’s Colorful Day
  • Lemons are NOT Red
  • Bear Sees Colors
  • How Do Dinosaurs Learn Their Colors?
  • Blue Hat, Green Hat
  • Black Bird, Yellow Sun
  • Color Dance
  • Green
  • I Love Colors
  • Mix It Up!


Next, we move into shapes as Mrs. Druzba teaches us the basic shapes in this child-friendly video.

Mrs. Druzba teaches the basic shapes.


Mrs. Krommes teaches us a song to remember our shapes in this video!

Mrs. Krommes shares a shape song


Here are some of our favorite shape books:

  • Sea Shapes
  • City Shapes
  • Mouse Shapes
  • Shape by Shape
  • Ship Shapes
  • The Shape of Things
  • Skippyjon Jones Shape Up
  • The Greedy Triangle
  • Color Zoo
  • Color Farm
  • My Very First Book of Shapes
  • Not a Box
  • Brown Rabbit’s Shapes

Finally, Mrs. Salvatore shares a book about Shapes in Mice on Ice.

Mrs. Salvatore's Shape Read Aloud