Kindergarten Academy: Sounds, sounds, sounds!

Posted by Melissa Devlin on 6/26/2020

Nursery Rhymes

Nursery Rhymes are just one way to bolster kids ability to play with and manipulate sounds, a building block skill for all early readers! Here is a link to audio (with printable lyrics available) of 33 Nursery Rhymes to get you started (or refresh your memory!) Click the pink notes to hear each song.

33 Nursery Rhyme Songs


Another friendly face joins us this week as some of our Kindergarten friends from Owatin Creek help us learn about sounds and how to help students this summer. Mrs. Murphy explains ways we can support students in noticing the sounds in the words we say. Skills for phonemic awareness help children understand how we can manipulate sounds to make words and connect our spoken language and sounds to letters in print as students begin to read. This video provides several ideas for parents and caregivers to practice as part of our daily activities. 

Mrs. Murphy's Helpful Ideas for Beginning Sounds


Next, settle in with your student and watch this video for kids to practice our listening skills and think about sounds! Mrs. Murphy helps us hear the sounds in our name. 

Beginning Sounds Fun with Mrs. Murphy


Also, Mrs. Worchal shares a rhyming book and plays a rhyming game to help us practice hearing our ending sounds.

Rhyme Time with Mrs. Worchal


Then, Mrs. Worchal provides parents and caregivers with ideas for rhyming games to play on any old summer day!

Resources for Rhyming 


Don't miss Mrs. Rothbard sharing a read-aloud of Kit's Banana Splits! 

Mrs. Rothbard practices rhyming with a read-aloud


Any chance you have to work on sounds with your child benefit their early literacy skills! Sing nursery rhymes, find rhymes in the world around us, play with silly words at dinner! A fun "workout" is always the best way to grow our Kindergarten muscles!