Kindergarten Academy: Name Writing

Posted by Melissa Devlin on 6/18/2020

Welcome back to the Kindergarten Academy Page. As you and your child think about the skills for success entering Kindergarten, learn about an important first step: Name Writing.  In this video, Mrs. Young teaches children how to navigate the lines of the writing paper used in Kindergarten to understand letter placement when writing.

Name Writing with Mrs. Young

PRINTABLE: Name Writing Practice Paper


Then, follow along and keep practicing all summer long!  Mrs. Firestone shares ideas, geared towards parents and caregivers, to keep kids busy at home or on the go.  The ideas she shares will reinforce learning letters within the child's name, practicing skills that will be used throughout kindergarten, and using manipulatives to keep learning fun!

Name Writing Practice with Mrs. Firestone


Finally, watch and listen as Mrs. Moyer shares a read-aloud of a great book about letters! 

Mrs. Moyer's Read-Aloud


 Stay tuned for next week!