How can I help my student succeed in Math class?

Posted by Jayme Raffauf on 8/24/2015

Parents are essential to students being successful in any class.

You should be seeing your child's Review/Preview checklist/log, which is the first page of the packet given at the start of each chapter. If students do not have their Review/Preview packet completed, they are not permitted to retake any assessments from that chapter.

Review/Preview is assigned pretty much daily and below you will find some suggestions for how to make sure that assignment is being done.

Parent’s Review/Preview Responsibilities:

    • Parents are EXTREMELY IMPORTANT in making the Review/Preview process a success. Therefore, I ask the following of all parents:
      • Make Review/Preview (homework) a top priority
      • Try to designate a specific time and place for assignment completion
      • Provide praise and support, and don’t let your child avoid doing his/her assignment
      • Request that your child bring his/her math notebook home every night
      • Ask to SEE your child’s completed math assignment every night, which will show them you are serious about homework (rather than simply asking them if they did it)


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