New assessment types and interface coming to Schoology soon!

Posted by Joseph Calamita on 9/18/2017

That's right, Schoology is adding new assessment types!  There are over 15 new or improved assessment types that teachers will be able to use starting the week of September 23rd.    Here is a video from schoology to intro the new assessment types and the new interface!


See Schoology’s New Assessments and Enhanced Questions from Schoology on Vimeo.

That's right, this is a completely refreshed interface for creating an assessement and adding questions.  Don't worry, the old one isn't going away in the near future... (I would suspect it will go away next summer...)  I've put together some more detailed videos showing off the new interface and then some videos showing some of the specific new assessment types.  Click on the top left of the video below for a list of more video!  I will add videos to this playlist as I come across them.  We will, of course, have some training opportunities after we get our hands on these new assesments after the 23rd.