Make any pdf a fillable form!

Posted by Joseph Calamita on 1/26/2017

Many companies and organization put all their forms and applications online so they can save time and money (and trips to the post office).  However, most of these forms are just flat pdf's of their paper forms, with no ability to fill out those forms online.  The only way to work with this forms is to print them out, fill the form out by hand, then put it in the mail or, if you have access to a scanner, scan the document in and email it.   DocHub, with an assist from Google Drive will solve that issue.  DocHub (free for most features with an ability to pay for some additional features) takes those "flat" pdf document and allows you to fill out any pdf form.  You can even add a signature!  Check out the below video for some more info on this great product...


You can access DocHub right from the Chrome Web Store.