What's changing this year with Schoology

Posted by Joseph Calamita on 7/28/2016

Every year Schoology hosts a conference (this year in Miami) to show off all the new features coming during the school year.  Some of the big changes coming are some new test/quiz types.   Among the 15 new questions types are Labeled pictures and shared passages.  Labeled picture question types are questions that ask the student to label a picture.  Think of the possibilities!  In Social Studies, the classic label all the country in Europe question or in Science, have a picture of a disected frog and have the students label all the body parts!  Shared passages are one of the most requested test/quiz type.  The question type allows the teacher to have one passage and then have the students answer several questions based off of that one passage.    For more info, watch the attached video of the Keynote presentation at Schoology Next.


The Road Ahead: Ryan Hwang Highlights Future Schoology Updates at NEXT 2016 | Schoology

Every year at our annual user conference they get an exclusive look at the future of our platform presented by our Co-founder and VP of Product Ryan Hwang. His presentation is a chance for us at Schoology to showcase a little bit of what we've been working on, the most prominent needs we've been hearing from the community, and how we plan to move forward over the short term and the long term.

This year Ryan laid out our vision in four different categories—Evaluation and Grading, A Connected Ecosystem, Mobile Access, and Improved User Experience.

* To be clear, these announcements are NOT yet live and will most certainly be adjusted over time. Think of this as a vision of what we will work towards.

Here are the topics and announcements by time:

Evaluation and Grading (0:40)

  • Enhanced Tests and Quizzes (2:18)
  • Student Peer Review (4:38)
  • Anonymous Grading (5:04)
  • Objective Coverage (5:31)

Connecting the Ecosystem (6:27)

  • Leading in Interoperability Via Open Standards (6:58)
  • New Apps in Our App Center (8:35)
  • Improved Resource Search (10:20)
  • Improved SIS Apps (11:11)
  • Automated Exports of CSV Files (12:21)
  • Improved Integration with Existing Apps (13:14)

Keeping You Connected (14:30)

  • Mobile Offline Access (15:05)
  • More Efficient and Feature Rich Mobile Experience (16:35)

Improving the User Experience (17:52)

  • Updated Document Viewing and Annotation (18:46)
  • Tailored View of Home Page (19:27)