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ETHS 2nd Quarter Re-Entry for Instruction


ETHS 2nd Quarter Re-Entry for Instruction Options: Full-Virtual or Hybrid


Last night, the Exeter Township School District Board of Directors voted to approve a 2nd Quarter Re-Entry Plan for Instruction, which will begin on the first day of the second marking period, Monday, November 2nd. Please read below to learn more about this plan and to confirm your commitment to one of our instructional models.


Instructional Plan

  • Exeter Township Senior High School will support two instructional models: 1) A Full Virtual Model 2) A Blended Model. In order to have all students receive five days of instruction per week, all students will participate in every class every day, regardless of which option they choose. 


  • In Both Options: 
    • Students will have scheduled instruction from 7:40pm-1:30pm every day plus an additional 50 minutes of asynchronous learning to be completed after 1:30pm. 
    • Students will meet with all of their scheduled classes every day and will receive instruction from each teacher every period. 
    • Each class will include both synchronous instruction (i.e. live, real-time) and asynchronous learning (i.e. independent, flexible). All students, both in the building and at home, will participate in synchronous instruction every period every day. During the asynchronous learning, all students will have the flexibility to complete their learning activities, get help from the teacher in that class, or manage their time to take breaks from the computer. 


  • In the Full Virtual Option: 
    • Students will participate in all their classes each day entirely from home as described in the schedule and from the description above. 
    • Students will be responsible for managing their own asynchronous time. They may complete learning assignments, manage screen time, and/or attend to personal responsibilities.


  • In the Blended Option: 
    • Students will be assigned to one of two groups to come into the school building two days per week. They will participate in all their classes from home on the other three days of the week. All classes will follow the schedule and description above. 
    • In addition to participating with their classmates in the online instruction, students in the building will have the opportunity to see their teachers instruct in-person. They will also be able to interact with their teachers, school counselors, and some classmates in-person. 
    • Students in the building may have access to materials and equipment that we are unable to send home. 
    • Students will move from class-to-class, following their schedules and eating lunch in the cafeteria. 
    • While in the building, students and teachers will follow the protocols in our health and safety plan that was approved by the School Board in July. 


Commitment Form

Please use the commitment form that was included in the email that was sent to each family to indicate whether your child will continue with the full virtual option or attend the blended option.  Please submit one form for each student in your household in Grades 7-12. Please submit this form by Sunday, October 18. If you did not receive this email, please contact the high school office to request the link. You should also log into Skyward to update your email contact information. 



  • October 14 | Commitment Form sent to families.
  • October 18 | Commitment Form submission due.
  • October 19-23 | School sorts commitments and re-aligns class rosters as needed.
  • October 27 | School communicates finalized placement information to families.
  • November 2 | Second Quarter Re-Entry Plan for Instruction begins.


We thank you for your attention to this important matter. 



Tom Campbell, Principal