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7th Grade Scheduling Information

Dear Parents of current 6th grade students,

It is time to initiate the scheduling process for 7th grade at the Junior High. The 2021-2022 Junior High schedule consists of seven class periods and a lunch period and runs on an odd/even day cycle.

Each student will be assigned the following courses:

  • ELA
  • Math
  • Social Studies
  • Science
  • PE/Wellness (every other day)
  • Reading (every other day)
  • A rotation of Art, Tech Ed, Medical Detectives, and Family and Consumer Science (one quarter each)
  • Computer Applications (every other day)

Recommendations could include variations of the assigned courses such as Accelerated or Learning Support sections. Recommendations for these variations will be made later in the school year and will be communicated with families toward the end of the school year.

Please see the attached Junior High Program of Studies for more information about courses.

In addition to the assigned courses, students have the opportunity to participate in one or more performing music ensembles.

Students who elect to participate in one performing music ensemble (*band or orchestra) every day or who elect to participate in two performing music ensembles every other day will not take computer applications. Students who elect to participate in one performing music ensemble every other day will take computer applications on the opposite day.  Students who elect to not participate in a performing music ensemble will take a general music class and computer applications. 

*Band and orchestra are offered every day and every other day. Chorus is offered only every other day.

Please use this form to indicate your performing music choice by Tuesday, March 23.

Please direct questions or concerns regarding recommendations to your child’s Reiffton school counselor at 610-779-7640.  Mrs. Rheaume (Students A-K, X7405) or Mrs. Atkinson (Students L-Z, X7403).

We look forward to collaborating with you to create a great experience for your child at the Junior High.


Eric P. Flamm, Ed. D.


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