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District Events Calendar Online survey

Good Evening Parents & Guardian(s),
I wanted to reach out with a brief Parent Link message regarding our District Activities Calendar.  As you are aware, in past years we have printed this calendar and provided one per household.  The calendar included student pictures, business advertising including coupons in some instances, and additional information such as athletic schedules, District information, etc.  As is the case with many of the District resources we provide for families, the COVID-19 Pandemic is also causing us to examine the calendar and see if we can transition to a digital District calendar much like we have done with our District newsletter.  We would still have a small number of hard copy calendars available for families, but we would plan to house the full digital calendar with pictures, schedules, and general information on our District website, as we do the newsletter.
Therefore, prior to making this decision, we would ask that you complete the survey referenced in this message so that we make a decision that is reflective of our families' needs and feedback related to the District Activities Calendar.  The survey can be accessed at the following link:
Patrick T. Winters, Ed. D.
Assistant Superintendent, Exeter Township School District