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Lunch and Breakfast for students 18 years old and under during school closure. Updated April 2nd

Meals for students 18 years old and younger during school closure


To:  Exeter Township School District Families

Effective Wednesday, April 8, 2020, Exeter Township School District's student meal distribution plan will be modified as follows:

  • The four school building distribution locations are approved to operate under the Seamless Summer Operation (SSO) program which will allow distribution of free meals to students aged 18 and under.  Pickup can be at any one of the four locations.   Please try to be consistent in which location you pick up student meals. 
  • The USDA has issued a nationwide waiver to allow parents or guardians to pick up student meals without the student being present.  The parent or guardian should bring the student's ID card with them if it is available. 
  • The Antietam pool location at 905 Byram Street is being discontinued as a distribution site.  Distributing from the four school building locations will ensure safe food temperatures, and provide for more effective social distancing.


Meal pickup will be every Wednesday and a supply of five days worth of breakfast and lunch grab and go meals will be distributed to students aged 18 and under.   Please pick up student meals between 10 am and 11 am.  

The following schools are the designated pickup locations :     

  • Exeter Township Senior High School, 201 East 37th Street, at the entrance by the cafeteria;
  • Reiffton Elementary School, 4355 Dunham Drive, at the loading dock area;
  • Owatin Creek Elementary , 5000 Boyertown Pike, at the entrance to the cafeteria;
  • Lorane Elementary, 699 Rittenhouse Drive, at the loading dock area.   
Please remember to refrigerate perishable food items. 
The District will remain flexible in our endeavors to provide meals from our school buildings   If there are any questions or concerns please email