The Many Roles of an Elementary School Counselor
    Here at Lorane, students and families are invited to discuss educational and personal concerns of themselves or their children with myself. 


    The School Counselor may work with students:
    -in small groups
    -in the classroom setting
    -in lunch bunch groups
    School Counselors support teachers and administration in working with students as an advocate and consultant.  The School Counselor also serves as the PSSA School Assessment Coordinator each spring for third and fourth grade students.  If you ever feel there is a concern, please feel free to contact me by calling or emailing!

    When does a student come to see the School Counselor?
    -Referred by a teacher or faculty member
    -Referred by a parent
    -Student fills out a referral note, located in the 1st-4th grade classrooms and outside my office door
    -Student asks me if they can come to see me
    -School Counselor asks to check-in with student
    -A friend may invite the student to join a lunch bunch group

    What might a student talk about in the School Counselor's office?
    -Friendship difficulties
    -A problem at home
    -A problem at school
    -A fear or worry
    -An accomplishment
    -A physical concern

    What might a student do when in the School Counselor's office?
    -Talk about anything important to the student
    -Learn a coping strategy
    -Play a game, draw a picture, or some other hands-on activity to get to know the student or help the student calm down/take a break
    -Play different games and activities to learn ways to relate to other students
    -Read a story to help the student learn about their feelings and better understand different situations
    -Create a plan to reach a goal
    -Have lunch with a group of students

     Confidentiality Policy in the School Counselor's Office