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    Introduction: You are going to create a game to sell to the pretend "Kids Game Company." They will play your game and then decide how much they are willing to pay you for it. So you better make it fun, safe, and easy to understand.

    Rubric -Click here for how your game will be "rated" (graded) by the Company Boss (Mr. Ricketts)  


    Task: Create a team game using any sport or ball skills for 4 people to play that uses a small area (about one sixth of the size of the gym)

    Two teams of two should play directly against each other while playing your game. The game must be a game where passing and stealing are used. Only one ball should be used at a time.




    Information sources:


    Use your own ideas that you can think of


    Use ideas from games that you have played




    Weblinks to explore for ideas:

    Activity ideas

    ESPN play your way game creation



    Help on writing directions to your game:


    Description of the process: Look at game ideas you find and use them along with your own ideas to create your own game. If you use an idea you found somewhere, you need to give credit to where you found it. 

    Your game must be original and not an existing sport.



    How to organize the information:
    Game Creation Notes Sheet  Download this paper if you plan on writing your project.This form must be used and will be your guide while you are creating the game. It will help you answer the following questions and put your instructions together in a way that can be easily understood. If you are planning on typing your project on the computer4th grade game creation-Click here for a form that you can fill out on the computer. 

     Note: Please click on "Class Documents" link on left hand side of this page if you need a .pdf version of this notes sheet

    Questions to answer:

     What equipment is needed? Equipment available- Click Here

    What does your set up game look like?

     -Draw a picture.

    What are the directions of your game?
    -How do you score or win the game?
    -How do you pass and with what part of your body?
    -How do you steal a ball? By doing what? 
    What are the safety rules?
    What is the object of your game? (Example: The object of my game is to score more points than the other team by kicking a ball and getting it to land in a hoop  more than the other team.)
    What is the name of your game?


    Things to think about:

    1.   How do players move in your game? You need to have some rule about how long a player can have the ball (Usually no more than 5 seconds) -OR- Maybe a player must do something (other than hold the ball) where the ball could be stolen. (Examples: Dribble with feet or hands, toss in the air and catch while moving, push ball along ground, etc.). You could also use scarves and steal the scarf for a turnover.

    2.   What kind of ball or object will players use in the game?

    3.   Can your parent or someone you know understand your rules?

    4.   Can this game work in a small area? (about 1/6 of the size of the gym)

    5.   What would you charge the company to buy your game? What is a reasonable amount?


    Conclusion: Type/Print Nicely your game and then submit it to the "Kids Game Company". Put it in Mr. Ricketts' mailbox in the office or bring it to next P.E. class. You can create games or dances by yourself at any time. Have fun and make some dances and/or games and show them to your parents, friends, and Mr. Ricketts.

    Have fun playing!