• Target Game Creation




    Introduction: You are going to create a target game for younger students to play during their last physical education class of the year in June. Your target station will be a station set up against a wall. It will get the students who play it to use a sport skill and aim for one or more targets.




    Information sources:


    Your brain
    Target station ideas at PECentral.com


    Help on writing "how to..." directions


    More help on writing "how to...." directions





    Description of the process:

    Create a game where one student will do one or two of the following:

    A)  try to hit a target (cone, etc.)

    B)  knock down a target (pin, etc.)

    C)  get an object or ball in a target (hoop, bottom of cone, etc.)




    How to organize the information  acquired:


    Click here - Direction and Grading sheet that must be used for this project

     Target Station Notes Paper- This form can be used as your paper once you have read the Direction and Grading paper above.



    How do you set up your game? What equipment is needed?

    What are the directions and how do you play your game?


     What sport skill or skills are you using? (ex. throw, kick, roll, slide, etc.)
    What are the safety warnings?


    How do you score or win the game?

    What does your set up game look like? Draw a picture.

    What is the name of your game?


    Things to think about:

    1.   How does the player of your game stay safe

    2.   Don't make the rules hard to understand

    3.   If you are going to make targets worth points, use 5, 10, and/or 15 points


    Conclusion: Type/Write nicely your final draft of your game paper and then submit it to Mr. Ricketts. Put it in Mr. Ricketts' mailbox in the office with your teacher's name on top or hand it in next P.E. class. 



    You can create games or dances by yourself at any time. Have fun and make some dances and/or games and show them to your parents, friends, and Mr. Ricketts.


    Have fun playing!