• Incoming Kindergarten Updates

    Kindergarten Forum: All information that would have been provided at the Kindergarten Forum will be provided via a series of instructional videos posted to the District website and emailed directly to parents who are already registered or have indicated intent to register.

    Pre-K Visits: Parent information that would have been provided at the Pre-K Visits will be also shared via the same instructional videos referenced above with appearances by principals, kindergarten staff, nurses, counselors, etc. We will do our best to replicate many of the experiences of coming to the building for these visits/tours. 

    Getting Ready for Kindergarten:  In an effort to continue to provide information that would have been shared at our spring events, we would like to share a series of videos that will help you guide your entering Kindergarten student toward success in the first year of school.  To access the series of videos as they become available, check out the Kindergarten Virtual Orientation site!  The first in the series focuses on routines you can work on while still socially distancing.

    Kindergarten Registration



    My child may need English as a Second Language Services.  What do I need to do?

    Children who will benefit from the support of English as a Second Language Services will be enrolled at Jacksonwald Elementary School. We will complete a family interview and provide a screening assessment to determine your child’s needs so that we can appropriately register them.

    I began registering prior to Covid-19 closures. What do I need to do?

    Jessica Smith, registrar, will be in contact with you to finalize any portions of the registration process. 

    I have not yet begun registering my child for Kindergarten. What do I do?

    Follow all directions below for the registration process on the subpages of this site.  Kindergarten Registration Info and Documentation , Directions for Registering with the Skyward Enrollment Portal , Immunization information and requirements

    How will I know about transportation, teacher assignments, etc. for the fall?

    District staff will be in contact with you once your registration is complete. Follow the series of videos that will be shared to learn about the logistics of the start of school as we plan for this unique beginning of Kindergarten, to meet the staff that will help our youngest learners, and to see glimpses of our schools.