Attendance Reporting and Excuse Notes

  • Thank you for your cooperation with our attendance procedures. We believe that regular attendance is necessary for academic success. Please contact your child’s school counselor or assistant principal if you have concerns that relate to your child.

    Parents are required to submit a written excuse note when a student is absent, late, or dismissed early from school. Notes for absences must be received within five school days of the absence. BCTC students must submit absence notes to both the ETSHS attendance office as well as BCTC. Notes may be sent in as a hard copy or electronically. 

    We streamlined the attendance process for you as parents. When you are reporting your child out for the full day of school, send an email to from the email address that you have registered in Skyward before 9:00 AM. When you send that email, you do not need to call. You don’t need to send a follow-up note. That one email is a one-stop process. Please send that email as early as possible. Get it done and off your list!

    The email is only to be used for full-day absences and late arrivals for school. It is not for early dismissal from school.

    Please note the following:

    • Late arrivals to school: The Senior High School will accept emails, faxes, or hardcopy note from a student's parent or medical office. The notes to excuse a late arrival must be submitted by 3:30 on the day of the late arrival. Electronic notes can be sent to or faxes can be sent to 610-370-0518.
    • Early dismissal notices: Early dismissal notices must be submitted in hard copy by the student before school in the main office. It is necessary that we have these notes prior to the start of school and in person so that we can give the student a pass to be excused from class at the appropriate time. Classes start at 7:30 AM. Please do not ask us to interrupt class to dismiss your child.
    • Dismissal from school for illness: Students who become sick while at school are expected to report to the nurse’s office. If the nurse determines that your child is too sick to remain in school, he/she will be medically excused by the nurse. Once a student arrives at school, the only way for that child to be medically excused from school is through our nurse’s office. Students who become sick at school may not be dismissed unless they have seen the nurse.

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