The goal of health services is to help students maintain optimal health status for academic success throughout their formal education.  
What your school nurse does:
  • Provides basic first aid and evaluation of illnesses that occur during the school day
  • Communicates with parents if a student is seriously ill or injured
  • Excludes pupils from school who have symptoms of communicable diseases
  • Makes sure that:
  • Performs the state-mandated annual screenings
  • Educates pupils, parents and staff in regards to health education and health problems
  • Administers medication as per the school district and state guidelines
  • Develops school health plans for students with chronic health conditions
  • Promotes health and safety including a healthy environment
  • Actively collaborates with the education team
  • Guides parents and students to community resources available for proper medical treatment
What your school nurse cannot do:
  • Diagnose or treat illnesses or injuries
    • other than basic first aid
  • Give medications other than those-
    • authorized by school physician
    • authorized by both a parent and private physician by written permission for their individual student to take
  • Issue an excuse for physical education
  • Replace regular medical care
Is a regular member of the staff.  She works together with the other staff to help pupils optimize their school experience.
Parents should make a point to know the school nurse and consult with her regarding the student's physical adjustment to the school.
If you have questions regarding your child's health, please feel free to call the nurse in your child's school.
BUILDING                                            NURSE                                   TELEPHONE
Senior High School
Therese Knabb/ Melissa Hepp
Junior High School Sherri Magazzu 610-779-3320
Reiffton School      Tammy Hughes 610-779-7640 
Owatin Creek Elem.Sue Templin    610-406-4580 
Lorane ElementarySue Hess  610-582-8608 
Jacksonwald Elem. Lisa Delancey  610-779-1820