• Exeter Township School District and The United Way of Berks County




    Dear Kindergarten Parent:

    The Exeter Township School District and The United Way of Berks County have made it possible for us to offer you this FREE family resource, ReadyRosie.

    We know that parents are always looking for ways to encourage and teach their child, and that you are your child’s most important teacher. Here is something that is simple and easy that can help, ReadyRosie.  ReadyRosie is an online resource that helps support your efforts by providing activities for you to utilize with your birth (ReadyBaby) to Kindergarten aged child, ages zero to six. 

    These suggested activities are sent to you on a weekly basis and take only two to three minutes to complete with your child.  Each activity is modeled within a two-minute video.  These video links will be sent to you each week.  All you need to do is watch the video and complete the activity with your child.

    To register for this free resource go to www.readyrosie.com , see the directions below.  Once registered, you will begin receiving an email and/or text message with activities you can do at home.

    1.     Go to web site: www.readyrosie.com

    2.    At top of main screen, click on “Register”

    3.   Here you will be directed to enter your information:  To register you must use the zip code: 19606, and for school district, Exeter Township School District.

    4.   Complete the rest of the registration process and you are ready to go.

     Ready Rosie Information for Parents