Sra. Speece
  • I am very excited to be returning to our high school for my 5th year. I have studied in Catia La Mar, Venezuela and San Roque, Spain. I hold a Bachelor of Music from Susquehanna University and a Master of Educational Leadership from Duquesne University. I have taught Spanish at 4 other schools including Sacred Heart in West Reading and St. Ignatius in West Lawn. Before I was a Spanish teacher, I was a high school and middle school choir director. I still love to teach music and I have some students at the Yocum Institute in West Lawn.
    I live in West Lawn and I have 3 kids who attend the Wilson School District. Kate is in 8th grade and she loves computer programming and anime. Rob is a junior and he plays the French Horn/Mellophone and sings in the select chorus. Joey is a 12th-grade MDS/LSS student at Wilson High and he is very friendly. He loves sports and horses. In my spare time, I enjoy traveling to historical sites and the Delaware beaches with my husband and our kids. We also visit the Pittsburgh area frequently since my hometown is Greensburg, PA.
    I look forward to hearing from you for any reason. I will respond to schoology messages, email and phone messages within 24 hours on school days.