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    Name:  Miss Stephanie Bohn
    E-mail: sbbohn@exetersd.org
    Phone:  610-406-4580 ext 8121
    Room #: 121
    Hello and Welcome to Miss Bohn's Third Grade Class!
    My name is Miss Stephanie Bohn and this will be my fifth year teaching third grade!  I am very excited for this school year and look forward to working with all of my students and their families!  
    Third grade is such an exciting academic year! In third grade, we will be learning how to multiply and divide!  By the end of the school year, students will be mathematicans and readers with new strategies and skills in their "academic toolbox"!  In terms of reading, I hope to share several of my favorite books with my students.  In science we will learn how to be archeologists, how to investigate the properties of water, as well as raise monarch butterflies! In social studies we will learn about different types of communities, maps, and the government, just to name a few topics! These are only a few of the topics we will explore this school year and it is my hope to share my love of learning with my students! 
    Please navigate throughout my webpage to find important information about our class! 
    Please do not hesitate to contact me throughout the school year! 
    <Miss Stephanie Bohn>