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    Name: Alexa Schaeffer
    Phone: 610-779-3320 Ext. 3119
    Room#: 119
    Hello! I am Ms. Schaeffer. This will be my 6th year teaching at the Exeter Junior High School. I teach ELA Strategies for learning support students and push-in to some of the regular English Language Arts classes. I will help students continue to build on their reading and writing skills in the ELA classroom as well as in ELA Strategies so that they may continue to grow as strong readers and writers. I will also be teaching 7th grade Reading this year! When I'm not teaching, I am also the high school girls assistant cross country coach.
    A little about me: 
    I grew up in Fleetwood and graduated from Fleetwood Area High School. I then attended Kutztown University for Special Education and Elementary Education. I also completed my Master's degree in Reading Specialist in 2018 at Kutztown University. I have 2 older sisters, and a few nieces and nephews. My students also come to know that I love dachshunds! I grew up with a wienerdog named Comet, who was the best dog ever!
    What have I been up to during quarantine?
    • I got engaged! My now fiance proposed to me one morning on the couch in April. My family celebrated with us by doing a drive-by parade to our apartment. No wedding plans yet... it's a little difficult to plan right now!
    • My sisters and girl cousins and I created a cousins' quarantine book club. We choose a book every month and get together on Zoom to discuss it. We use Book of the Month club to help us choose new books we otherwise wouldn't normally read. It's been fun!
    Tips for a successful start of the school year: 
    1. Purchase an agenda. It can be a simple notebook, but you'll want something to write down your assignments! Even sticky notes will be great to help you keep track of things with virtual learning.
    2. Stay on top of your homework and test/quiz dates. If you get behind early, it's harder to catch up! 
    3. Check your grades regularly. Skyward lets you know your grades on assignments, upcoming quizzes and tests, and if anything is missing. 
    5. Schoology will be your best tool this year! You can view the calendar to also see assignments and test dates. There are important class materials for your classes as well.