Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Lake


Forensic Science
Exeter Senior High School

201 E. 37th Street
Reading, PA 19606
610-779-3060 ext. 2712 

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 Educational Philosophy:


Learning is the most valued, appreciated, and celebrated when it stems from personal curiosity, interest, and wonderment. Providing students with opportunities to question the world around them, question themselves, and question those in their social community helps to provide a dynamic and energetic learning environment. I believe the classroom should be a place where students feel the freedom to voice their thoughts, ideas, questions, and discover how their explorations can change the world around them.






St. Cyriland Methodius University, Macedonia, Europe- School of Pharmacy


Salisbury University, Salisbury, MD-B.S. Medical Technology


Ursinus College- Certifications in Chemistry and Biology


Gratz College- Masters of Education- Differentiated Instruction


Lebanon  Valley College- Masters of STEM  Education (currently)


Other Professional Careers:
¨  Research Scientist:
A. I. DuPont Children’s Hospital- Wilmington, DE
Pediatric Lyme Disease differential DX and treatment in pediatric population 
Merck and Co.- West Point, PA
 Final stages of clinical trials, research and manufacturing of the Gardasil vaccine 
¨  Teacher:

Norristown Area School District- Norristown, PA  
                  Teacher of the Gifted