• Spring into Stem Open House 
    Reiffton School 
    April 26, 2018 @ 6:00-8:00
    Page down to see a list of the centers for 2018 

    On April 26th, 2018 the Exeter Township School District will be hosting a free STEM open house and hands-on activity night for students (grades k-12) and their families.  Participants will be able to explore different technologies and STEM concepts that are integrated into the current curriculum.  Over 40 different centers will be set up where participants will be able to experience and use a variety of interactive resources, devices, games, and products.   We hope to have a fun and educational night where families can experience the tools and resources that are available to Exeter students.  Each family will leave with a list of available tools, resources, and apps to extend student learning.  Please join us for a fun-filled educational evening!

    Photo Galley from Last Year
    1. Ask an IT Professional and Gadgets and Gizmos

    2. Water Rocket Blasters!

    3. Motion Detectors

    4. AP Biology Demonstration

    5. Fingerprinting and Forensics

    6. Scratch and mBot Robots

    7. K'Nex Challenge

    8. Dash and Dot Robot Launcher

    9. Online Spirographs.

    10. Investigation Math games

    11. Virtual Reality/Google Expeditions

    12. Kahoot/ Quizzizz

    13. BCAAS - Telescopes

    14. Board Games, Card Games, and Problem Solving

    15. Girls who Code

    16. Intro to Computer Science (micro bit)

    17. DiVinci Portait

    18. Kutztown University Physics Club

    19. Incredibox

    20. Science Explorers

    21. Bio tech and Bio Pharma

    22. Programming Table

    23. Owatin Creek EcoKids Club

    24. Detectors in Motion

    25. Certified Industrial Hygienist

    26. Showcasing SHS STEM: 3D Printing

    27. Showcasing SHS STEM: STEM Software

    28. Digital Photography 

    29. Governor's STEM Competition Team

    30. Puzzle Cube Challenge

    31. American Crane and Equipment Company, Oculius Rift and Manufacturing 

    32. Computer Program Demonstration

    33. Cricut & Sewing Machine Demonstration

    34. Non-Newtonian Fluids Demonstration

    35. Computer Music Creations