Welcome to the Exeter High School Eagles Alumni Web Site.

We are beginning to gather updated information from our ETSD Alumni. Please take a moment to complete the following online form, Alumni Update Form. THIS IS NOT A MEMBERSHIP IN THE NEW EXETER HIGH SCHOOL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION.
If you are in a class which has had difficulty in organizing a reunion and would like to combine with another class for a reunion contact the webmaster at alumni@exeter.k12.pa.us to have your request placed on this site.

The Exeter High School Eagles Alumni Association

Membership in the Association is open to all Exeter High School graduates and lifetime dues are $10. Each year 20 percent of money raised from membership dues and fundraising is given out in scholarships to graduating seniors. One hundred percent of all donations from individuals, businesses or groups specifically designated for scholarships is also awarded.

Association dues will be deposited in a general fund and all funds, except those used for member mailings, will be used for an Alumni Association Scholarship Fund. Your support of the association is necessary for it to be a success.
We are now certfiied by the Internal Revenue Service as a tax exempt organization. Contributions are tax deductible.

All dues paying members are invited to attend any monthly meeting of the Alumni Association as well as the annual meeting of the Alumni Assocation, held the first Thursday of every September. 

Aims and Objectives of the Association
  1. Establish and fund scholarships to enable future graduates to continue their academic careers.
  2. Promote the support of alumni, graduating students, staff, friends, and the community.
  3. Foster fellowship among the members for friendship and networking to re-establish a close relationship among the members.
  4. Reconnect the graduates of Exeter High School and support the development of the Exeter Township School District for generations of new students.
  5. Initiate and encourage projects which would benefit the students of the Exeter Township School District.

Any dues paying member may submit material or information to the web masters for placement of suitable material on the site.

How to become a member
Please download and print the application form.  The completed form should be mailed per instructions along with your check. Your payment is recognized as a tax free contribution and you will receive an e mail receipt for tax purposes. Below is what the form looks like.



 The goals of the Exeter HS Eagles Alumni Association are to:

  1. Establish scholarships to enable future graduates to continue their academic careers.

  2. Reconnect the graduates of EHS and support the development of the Exeter School District for a new generation of students.

  3. Foster fellowship among our alumni for networking and friendship.

To visit the association web page go to https://www.exeter.k12.pa.us/alumni

Please add alumni@exeter.k12.pa.us to your address book to be sure you receive any emails we send.





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Phone #________________________ Email Address__________________________________


Lifetime dues are $10.00.  This is a tax deductible contribution since we are a subordinate of the school district.  Please mail your check, made payable to Exeter H S Eagles Alumni Association, to Ms. Julie Huckleberry, C/O Exeter Township School District, 200 Elm St. Reading, PA 19606.  Please include this application with your check.



MEMORIAL CONTRIBUTIONS – If you would like to make a contribution to the general fund in memory of a deceased classmate, friend, relative, teammate or educator, please send your check to Ms. Huckleberry.  The name of those being memorialized and the donor will remain on the alumni website.


Name of person being memorialized ______________________________________________

Graduation year (if applicable) _______   Amount of your gift ________________________

Your name____________________________________________________________________

Address_____________________________________________ City ____________________

State ___________ Zip code ___________________


The Alumni Association will value your support!


Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How do I place information on the website? Click on the symbol for the web master. Type in your request and include your email address and phone number. The web master will be responsible for approving all requests.
  2. How do I establish contact with a classmate that I have not had contact with for many years? Click on the web master symbol and indicate the person you would like to contact. Please include your e mail or phone information The web master will then, as long as we have the information in our data base, contact that person, and if they choose to resume contact, provide them with your e mail or phone information.

Organizing Committee

1956 - Gary DeAcosta
1958 - Jane Koch Ahrens
1963 - Ken Levan
1964 - Bob Rivers
Harry Shaak
1965 - Sandra Nolf Gerhart
Nancy Britton Hart
Charlie Adams
Larry Houp
1966 - Julie Maurer Huckleberry -
Brenda Rentschler Bechtel
1967 - Cynthia Formiconi Kohl
Brad Kissam
1968 - Gail Endy Row
1969 - Linda Heilman Bossler
Ellen Herman Azrael
1972 - Kaarin Bishop Reinecker
Bob Brizek
1973 - Craig Breneiser
1977 - Karen Bender Wolf
1978 - Debra Richards Powell
1979 - Nancy Formiconi Weidner
1981 - Lee Padovani Bukowski
- Lisa Clauser Sokoloff
1989 - Lance Hettinger
1992 - Jennifer Bossler
1995 - Megan Kennedy Shire
1998 - Stevi Tomaszewski Doran -
Anne Bossler Matesic
2001 - T. J. Huckleberry


2016-2017 Officers
President - Larry Houp
1st Vice President - Brad Kissam
2nd Vice President - David Arndt
Secretary - Diane Arndt Benner
Treasurer/ Historian - Julie Maurer Huckleberry
ComptrollerBob Brizek
Scholarship Chairman - Matt Goldstan
Other Active Committee Members
Gary DeAcosta - Charlie Adams - Barry Hoover - Priscilla Houp