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    Jacksonwald Association of Parents and Teachers:
         All about teachers and parents working together to provide additional educational opportunities for the students and strengthening family bonds!  The APT is also committed to making our community a better place.  We hope you'll be able to join us at the activities and hope you will consider volunteering your time to help when you can. Please don't hesitate to call or email any of the board members if you have any questions or would like more information about something.
    APT Board 2018-19 
    Principal                Dr. Joseph Schlaffer    610-779-1820
    Co-President          Beth Pasquale            610-823-1762    marley74@ptd.net 
    Co-President          Elizabeth Schlappich   610-202-9374    eschlappich@hotmail.com
    Co-Vice President   Alexis Luckhart           484-332-7071    alexisluckhart@hotmail.com      
    Co-Vice President   Kristy Reeser              484-219-5611    kritty2577@aol.com        
    Treasurer               Jen Campbell             610-618-0186    juniperjlc@gmail.com  
    Secretary              Danielle Seibert          610-226-5833    dseibert1020@gmail.com
    Teacher Liaison      Cindy Strano              610-779-1820