• School Counselor Background Information

    Research in child development shows that children establish lifelong behavioral patterns during the ages of 6-10, the first four years of school. For this reason, it is critical that counseling services be available during these early years.

    What is a School Counselor?

    A certified, specially trained, caring person

    A school person who helps all students
    A resource person
    A coordinator
    A consultant
    A group leader
    A person who helps teachers, administrators and
    parents understand children

    What are the Goals of the School Counselor?

    • To help children understand themselves and others
    • To prevent problems from developing
    • To help identify children with special needs
    • To provide crisis intervention when necessary
    • To coordinate or facilitate efforts of others with those of parents, teachers, and administrators
    • To help develop personalized programs, when applicable, based on each child's strengths, weaknesses and needs
    • To provide career education activities

    With Whom Does a School Counselor Work and Consult?

    Administrators and School Boards
    Community resource personnel
    Physicians, Psychologists and Mental
    Health Professionals

    How to contact the School Counselor

    How Does a Student See Their School Counselor?


    Counselor referral
    Parent referral
    Administrative referral
    Teacher or staff referral
    Referral by friend(s)
    How and Why Do Parents Contact the School Counselor?

    Concerns over student achievement or behavior

    Family health problems
    Test interpretation
    New school registration and orientation
    Discussing special needs of your child
    Family difficulties or concerns

    Parents can call the school counselor at any time to set up a phone conference or schedule a school visit.