• Jacksonwald School-Wide Behavior Plan

    The faculty and staff at Jacksonwald Elementary will continue to implement a positive behavior model and student recognition program.  Based on proactive strategies and positive interventions, the plan focuses on maintaining appropriate behavior using a variety of approaches. A well developed set of expectations for all students will promote a safe and nurturing learning environment.

    We will continue using our token economy system and focusing on rewarding prosocial behavior.  Additionally, the school store will offer new and different  items in support of rewarding positive student behavior.  Any incidents of inappropriate behavior will be addressed through a five colored card system that provides a gradation of positive interventions.  Our goal is to provide each child with the opportunity and reminders to be successful in school.  We want all children to be successful and to create an environment that is conducive to effective educational instruction.

    We share a common goal in seeing your child reach his/her fullest potential. Your continued support of our program and follow through with your child at home will help to ensure the desired outcome is achieved. Jacksonwald Elementary will continue the district mission of providing a differentiated learning opportunities, in a safe and nurturing environment that will enable all students to fully develop their minds and their character to become successful, productive citizens in a constantly changing world.