Owatin Creek Health Services Overview

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    Welcome to the Owatin Creek Health Room,   My name is Sue Templin and I have been part of the OC family since January 2016.  I am a graduate of the former Reading Hospital and Medical Center School of Nursing . 
    I live in the Sinking Spring area with my husband and two children.  I love to read, watch water polo, and spend time in Bethany Beach, Delaware.  I am here everyday from 8:20 to 3:40, if you have any questions please feel free to call or e-mail me. 
    School nurse with children
    Sue Templin RN
    610-406-4580  Ext 8006
    The school nurse, in each building, has a variety of responsibilities.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates many of these duties.  These include verification that each student has received the required immunization protection; screenings of height, weight, vision, hearing, physical health, and dental health on the schedule provided by the state; and maintaining a healthy school population by watching for signs of communicable diseases.

    In addition, the school nurse provides first aid and evaluation of illnesses that occur during the school day.  Injuries and illnesses that occur at home need to be treated at home.  The nurse also administers medications that students need to receive during school hours.  The nurse provides health education, and serves as the health counselor in the building where she is assigned.

    The nurse never makes diagnoses and never prescribes treatment, but guides parents toward the community resources available for proper medical attention.  Parents should make a point to know the school nurse and consult with her regarding the student's physical adjustment to the school.