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    Mrs. Deb Bitler
    Owatin Creek Elementary
    Reading Specialist
    Phone: 610 406-4580  x8246
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    Owatin Creek Reading 

    I started my teaching career in the Reading School District where I taught for three years. When I came to Exeter I taught fourth grade at Jacksonwald for one year before moving to fifth grade where I remained for many years. I moved from the classroom to the position of Instructional Support Teacher. During that time I earned a Master's Degree in Education/ Reading Specialist and additional education credits.

    Exeter modified the position of IST to IS, or Instructional Support Specialist. I provided support to identified students, especially in grades K to 2, through a program called Response to Instruction & Intervention (RtII). A few years later I moved to the Reading Specialist position at Owatin Creek.

    I've included links, articles, a video and a Powerpoint presentation on my website to provide parents with more information about RtII. 

    Please don't hesitate to contact me for more information or if you have questions!