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      Name: Mr. Mark Ricketts- Physical Education
      E-mail: maricketts@exetersd.org
      Phone: 610-582-8608 (ext. 4179)
    Room #: Gymnasium
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    Welcome to Lorane’s Physical Education (P.E.) Page.

    My name is Mark Ricketts and I am the Physical Education teacher at Lorane Elementary School. I graduated in 1995 from West Chester University with a B.S. in K-12 Health and Physical Education. In 2001, I graduated from Kutztown University with a Masters in Elementary Education. I have continued my education since then, taking graduate level classes through Millersville and St. Joe's University that focus on various educational topics important to teaching the students at Lorane.

    I have been teaching at Lorane since the Fall of 1997 and continue to enjoy teaching our Kindergarten through Fourth grade students the skills they will need to become physically literate (skillful and confident in movements) and to develop a life-long enjoyment of physical activity and fitness.

    I feel that physical education is equally important as any subject studied by our students. I develop lessons designed to foster a basic understanding of movement and all that it has to offer. With basic skills, your child will be more confident and likely to participate in activities that can keep their bodies healthy for years to come.


    “Physical literacy is the ability to move with confidence and competence in a wide variety of activities in multiple environments that benefit the healthy development of the whole person.” -SHAPE America

    Our role is to provide all students with a quality physical education experience and lay the foundation for our students’ physical literacy journey.
    Physical education programs should be standards-based and taught in a warm nuturing environment, where all students are challenged and failure is a part of success.


    Please feel free to contact me at any time with your questions, comments, or concerns.









    Slurpie and Milk
    Mr. Ricketts' Fun Facts:
    -I love teaching elementary P.E.
    - I played waterpolo, swam, and ran track in high school, where I was a captain for the waterpolo and track teams. I was a first team all-state selection in Waterpolo.
    - I coached Exeter's Boys Waterpolo team for its first five years, last coaching during the Fall 2019 season.
    -I couldn't swim with my head in the water until 7th grade.
    -My junior high P.E. teacher, Mr. Ruth, got me interested in being a waterpolo player and in being a P.E. teacher.
    -I ran cross country and track in college and was a captain on each team. My fastest 3.1 mile track race was 15:28 and my fastest 1500 meter run was 4:05, about a 4:24 mile time.
     (Note: 1600 meters is 4 full laps around a track. In college, they run 1500 meters and start the race after the first turn of the track)
    -I wish I could run that fast now.
    -I had the highest GPA of any graduating male student athlete at WCU in 1995. (Hey, it's not Harvard, but still an interesting fact)