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    Name:  Adam Ousley
    Position: Kindergarten Teacher (KO)
    Phone:  (610) 582-8608 EXT 4114
    Room #14
          Hello!  My name is Adam Ousley.  I graduated from Bloomsburg University in 2007, where I earned a bachelor's degree of science in education.  In 2016, I earned a master's degree in educational technologies at Kutztown University.  Previously, I was a third grade teacher here at Lorane Elementary School.  I've taught third grade for 9 wonderful years. This year, for the first time, I'll be teaching a kindergarten class at Lorane.  I'm very excited to work with the kindergarten team and am equally enthusiastic to begin working with Lorane's newest learners!  I am very happy be here at Lorane and strive to meet the needs of my students each day.  
          It's hard to believe it, but summer vacation is over and we're starting a brand new school year.  We have a  wonderful collection of children who will be growing and learning in our classroom this year.  In the first few weeks of school we will build a strong sense of community that will serve us well in the months to come.  It is truly a pleasure to work with the children of Exeter Township and the faculty of Lorane each and every day.       
          I'm always very excited to help my students identify and achieve their learning goals. I take great pride in guiding them toward meeting their goals successfully throughout their kindergarten experience.  Remember, if you're not having fun, you're not learning!
                                                                                     - Mr. Ousley