•  Principal's Message

    The Junior High School Soaring Eagle is provided for the purpose of developing the most effective academic scheduling plan for every student.  Our students will be facing the challenges of an ever-changing global economy in the future.  An increasing number of vocations require post-secondary education and training.  This makes the course selection process even more important than in the past.  The Exeter Township School District faces a constant challenge to keep pace with the new demands and expectations of the world of work during the 21st Century.  The Pennsylvania standards have become the framework of our academic curricula, and these standards focus on the skills necessary for our students to become productive and caring citizens and workers in the future.

    The menu of course offerings is designed to support our philosophy of developing students both cognitively and affectively.  Students need to plan carefully and explore a variety of vocational interests, and they should recognize the importance of the course selection process.  Please take time to review the course descriptions any recommendations that have been made on course selection cards, discuss these with your son or daughter, and contact the junior high school administration or guidance counselors with any questions or concerns.  We want to maintain a strong partnership between the home and school during this very important process.


    Eric P. Flamm