• Enrolling children in school


    Please review the registration process and the required forms located on the district registration page. 
    The following steps outline the registration process that is followed when enrolling a new student into the Exeter Township School District:

    1. Records needed for registration are located on our main registration site MAIN REGISTRATION PAGE.

    2. If your child received Special Education Services at his/her previous school you need to have an IEP or similar document. If not available, we will need an address/phone number and contact person from the previous school to get in touch with as soon as possible.

    3. If your child received Free/Reduced School Breakfast/Lunch, special reading, or other types of help but not special education services, please bring along any information you may have on these programs.

    4. If as an individual, your child or your family as a whole are receiving special support from community agencies, please inform us at your registration time. By doing so we can work with you to see the support is continued if needed. Information will be kept confidential.

    5. Custody arrangements and court papers must be presented at the time of registration. Failure to supply these documents may leave you and your child unprotected in custody matters. No altered documents are acceptable. They must be original and complete. Changes must be updated as they occur.

    During the registration process, we will review your registration papers, assign your child to a classroom, provide transportation routes, supply food services information, supply medical information, and answer any questions you might have. You will receive a Parent/Student Handbook and District Calendar. Other information may be supplied orally or in written form as may be appropriate for you.

    If you wish to register a student over the summer vacation, please refer to the main registration site for more information MAIN REGISTRATION PAGE

    The address and phone numbers for the four elementary schools can be found here 

    * If you know of a new family please share this information with them in order to help them get settled and feel welcome in the community.