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Our Vision:
In Exeter Township, we strive to engage and empower all students to be mathematical thinkers, risk-takers and problem solvers in a student-centered environment.
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Our Math Resources: 
For K-5 Students: 
The Investigations program is being used by all students in grades K-5.  The Investigations program encourages students to think independently and creatively while also emphasizing problem solving skills in group/team settings.  Click the Investigations icon above to learn more!          
To access assignments & games: www.pearsonrealize.com 
For Students in Grades 6 through Algebra I:
The CPM program is being used by all students in grades 6 through Algebra I.  The CPM program prepares students for college level math courses and develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Students work in group/team settings in order to discover, not just learn, mathematics.  Click the CPM icon above to learn more!          
Please contact Mrs. Stephanie Diehl, K-12 Mathematics and STEM Supervisor, for more information about Exeter's mathematics program.
610-779-0700 ext. 1070
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 Students are experiencing an "Hour of Code" in many of their math classes!
Continue the learning at home at:  http://www.code.org 
NEW!!!  FAQs!!!
Click HERE to access our FAQ page for math! 

Have a child entering Kindergarten? 
Homework Help and Concept Help Videos:
Click Here to view a short video that helps answer the question "Why is math different now?" 
Click Here to see how the primary grades are developing number sense 
 Click Here to learn how to add and subtract using the open/unmarked number line
Click Here to learn how to add using the break apart strategy
Click Here to learn how to subtract in parts using the break apart strategy
Click Here to learn how to use multiplication clusters to multiply 2 digit by 2 digit numbers 
Click Here to learn how to multiply using area models and rectangles with partial products
Click Here to learn how to divide using partial quotients
Information for Investigations: 
Information for College Preparatory Mathematics (CPM):
8 Math Practices  
The 8 Mathematical Practices form the basis for our new math programs.  The 8 practices are a set of research-based standards that are endorsed by the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).  These standards emphasize critical thinking in the classroom and help students develop pro-active problem solving skills.
CLICK HERE to learn more!