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       Exeter Twp School District 
    Our Vision:
    In Exeter Township, we strive to engage and empower all students to be mathematical thinkers, risk-takers and problem solvers in a student-centered environment.
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  • Our Math Resources: 
    For K-5 Students: 
    The Investigations program is being used by all students in grades K-5.  The Investigations program encourages students to think independently and creatively while also emphasizing problem solving skills in group/team settings.  Click the Investigations icon above to learn more! 
    To access assignments & games: www.pearsonrealize.com 
    For Students in Grades 6 through Algebra I:
     The CPM program is being used by all students in grades 6 through Algebra I.  The CPM program prepares students for college level math courses and develops problem solving and critical thinking skills.  Students work in group/team settings in order to discover, not just learn, mathematics.  Click the CPM icon above to learn more!
    Please contact Mrs. Rosemary Bilinski, K-12 Mathematics and STEM Supervisor, for more information about Exeter's mathematics program.
    610-779-0700 ext. 1070