• Exeter Township School District Transportation

    Exeter Township School District has owned and operated its school bus fleet since 1974.
    Prior to 1974, Mr. Wayne Weiand, a private school bus contractor was contracted to provide transportation for the Exeter Township School District. Mr. Weiand retired in 1974. At that time the school district decided to purchase his fleet of buses and the land where the business was operated from. That location was the corner of Shelbourne & Kerr Roads and is still the current location of the district's bus garage.

    In 1974, the district operated approximately 30 school buses and 2 student vans. The largest bus was a 72 passenger capacity and most of the other buses were 66 passenger capacities. An addition was added to the existing buildings at that time. The addition included a maintenance bay, office, driver's room and a parts storage area.

    Currently the school district operates 50 school buses and 12 student vans from the Shelbourne & Kerr Roads location.

    Our fleet includes:

                                  2           7 Passenger School Vans
                                 10          9 Passenger School Vans
                                  7           Wheel Chair Lift Equipped School Buses for special needs students
                                  9           54 Passenger School Buses
                                  3           72 Passenger School Buses
                                  7           77 Passenger School Buses
                                  5           78 Passenger School Buses
                                 16          81 Passenger School Buses
                                  1           84 Passenger School Bus
                                  2           90 Passenger School Buses
                                 62          Total Vehicles for Student Transportation

    The school district operates a Commonwealth Inspection Station at the Bus Garage location.
    Only school district owned vehicles can be state inspected at this location.
    Every school student van and school bus is required to be inspected every 6 months.
    Every school bus is also inspected by the Pennsylvania State Police annually during the months of July and August prior to the start of each school year.
    Vehicle maintenance and repairs are also performed at the bus garage location.
    There are 76 school district employees involved with school student transportation.
    Included are:

                                 School Bus Drivers
                                 School Van Drivers
                                 School Bus Aides (for the wheel chair lift equipped school buses)
                                 Substitute School Bus Drivers
                                 Substitute School Van Drivers
                                 Substitute Bus Aides  
                                 1 Mechanic Helper/Substitute Driver / Custodian
                                 2 Licensed State Inspection Mechanics
    Supervisor of Transportation – Benjamin Bernhart 
    The Bus Garage Phone Number: 610-779-0410
                                      Fax Number: 610-406-0376
    The Exeter Township School District School Board Policy 810.2 authorizes the use of video and audio recording on school buses and school vehicles.