• Reiffton School-Wide Discipline Plan

        The purpose of Reiffton’s school-wide discipline plan is to both ensure an atmosphere which is conducive and safe for learning to occur, and to work towards developing, in each child, a self discipline. Our staff encourages each individual child to examine and take responsibility for the choices that they make. Our goal is to use discipline in a positive, supportive, and consistent manner. The school community, including students, staff, and parents must work together to create and maintain a safe and supportive environment that promotes teaching and learning. Occasionally a student's actions takes him/her outside of the established guidelines requiring appropriate discipline for the infraction of the rules. Students who consistently misbehave, have excessive absences, or fight at school may not be permitted to participate in field trips, field day, or other special school activities. The teacher will contact parents before a student is prohibited from participating in these events so that the parent may help correct the situation or make arrangements to attend the event with their child.