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    7th Grade Screenings 

    Vision, Hearing, Growth, Scoliosis & Dental (Private or School)


    8th Grade Screenings

    Vision, Growth


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    The School Nurse is on duty in the Junior High School during the school day from 7:20am till 2:50pm.  During this time she renders first aid for minor injuries, advises pupils in regard to health problems, health screenings and excludes pupils from school who have symptoms of communicable disease.

    The school nurse, in each building, has a variety of responsibilities.  The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania mandates many of these duties.  These include verification that each student has received the required immunization protection, screenings according the schedule mentioned above and maintaining a healthy school population by watching for signs of communicable diseases.

    The nurse does not diagnose and never prescribes treatment, but guides parents toward the community resources available for proper medical attention.  Parents should make a point to know the school nurse and consult with her regarding the student's health status.


    To contact the Nurse:




    Exeter Junior High School

    610-779-3320 Option #4

    610-249-0172 Fax