STEM is FUN!
    Name: Zachary B. Schools
    E-mail: zbschools@exetersd.org
    Room #: JHS111
     Teacher's Background:
    • Exeter Junior High Tech Ed (grades 7-9) teacher from 1998-2009.
    • Exeter Junior High Metal Tech (grade 8) teacher from 2009-2016. 
    • Exeter Junior High STEM (grade 7) teacher from 2016-present.
    • Graduate of Governor Mifflin High School in 1992.
    • Graduate of California University of PA in 1998.
    • Graduate of West Chester University in 2006.

    STEM1 Design & Modeling (PLTW - Project Lead The Way) 

    Learning Goals: (Learn, Improve, Grow)

    1. The PLTW Design Process (a creative problem-solving process)
      • 1)Define the Problem
      • 2)Generate Concepts
      • 3)Design a Solution
      • 4)Build & Test the Solution
      • 5)Evaluate the Solution
      • 6)Present the Solution
    2. Life Lessons (see the “Life Lessons” link on Schoology)(subject to change)
      • Daily Expectations (Work Hard, Learn Something, Have Fun!)
      • Time Management: Need Extra Time?
      • *I'm available to help everyday in Room 111 from 7:00-7:30 am & 2:20-2:50 pm.
      • Don’t be afraid to FAIL (First Attempt In Learning)
      • Grit, not Quit (develop a Growth Mindset, not a Fixed Mindset) 

    Course Overview: 

    Students will discover the PLTW Design Process and develop an understanding of the influence of creativity and innovation in their lives. They will be challenged and empowered to use and apply what they’ve learned throughout the unit to design a puzzle toy to solve a problem for a fictitious furniture company.

    We use Schoology for almost everything.  This is basically our “text book”. 

    Everything can be viewed there to answer almost any of your questions.  Your child should be able to assist you in navigating through this system.

    Your child should also have a STEM folder created to save all STEM work.  This should be on Google Drive. This STEM folder should have sub-folders within it to stay organized.


    Please rely on the Schoology gradebook for staying up-to-date with your child’s grades.  

    Parents have access to Skyward & Schoology. Please be proactive & check this on a semi-daily basis.

    All grades will be inputted on Schoology and then synced to Skyward.

    On Schoology, I’ll mark an assignment as “missing” if it was not submitted by the due date.  

    When it is marked as “missing” on Schoology, the grade will automatically be scored as a “0”.


    Grading Policy:

    All assignments can be re-submitted late and will be graded with only a -1pt total deduction.  

    All grades should end up perfect, or only -1pt below perfect (94%)(subject to change)   


    Needed: a Willingness to put in EFFORT + TIME = IMPROVEMENT!

    *This our "Relentless Pursuit of Improvement"


    Progress Report Communications:

    A progress report for every student will be sent to any email documented on Skyward simply to keep everyone up-to-date after each assignment.

    If you have questions:

    Please refer to Schoology to view almost everything for this class and discuss it with your child.

    I hope this will answer any of your questions. ~Mr. Zac Schools