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    Name: Nina Reynolds

    E-mail: nrreynolds@exetersd.org

    Phone:(610) 779-3320 Ext. 3219

    Room #:219

    Bonjour!  I have been teaching at the Junior High since 2006. I teach:
    • 7th grade Exploratory French (a 30 day even/odd day rotation):  In this course students get a taste of the language and culture. The focus is on vocabulary with a dash of culture. 


    • 8th grade Introduction to French (an all-year even/odd course): In this course, students increase knowledge of vocabulary and go deeper into French culture. At the end of the course, students would know what to expect and how to enjoy the French experience, possibly as an exchange student. We also explore our French-speaking neighbors to the north in Quebec.  I hope to convey my enthusiasm and appreciation of  the beautiful French language and rich French culture to all my students. 


    •  7th grade ELA: (an all-year every day course): Our ELA curriculum integrates writing, reading and literature.  We focus on helping our students become stronger readers, writers and critical thinkers.


    Resources for the classes can be found in Schoology which is updated frequently.

    Assignments for all classes can be found in Skyward

    I'm looking forward to another exciting year at the Junior High!