• PSU October 2012 THON 5K

    CrossRoads Transition Teacher (ages 18-21)

    Room #S101
    610.779.3060  x2101
                             “Disability is a matter of perception.  
                              If you can do just one thing well,
                              you're needed by someone.”  
                              ~ Martina Navratilova
    My goal as the HS CrossRoads Transition Teacher, along in partnership with parents and the community, is to provide a learning environment that develops the potential of students within the Low-Incidence, Emotional Support and Autistic Spectrum Disorders population, by use of a multi – structured approach to addressing their individual needs. My overall goal is to maximize student independence, gain vocational skills through community-based work environments and improve their quality of life to be successful adults in our local community. My program provides transition skills from student to adult life for individuals with a disability turning 18 years of age who are graduating high school and/or which have chosen to gain additional transition skills up to possibly age 21.

    Graduated from Kutztown Area High School 
    Graduated from Penn State University with a B.S. degree in Special Education K-12
    Graduated from West Chester University with an M.S. degree in Sports & Athletic Admin
    Professional Experiences:
    20th year teaching 
             - Exeter JHS Low-incidence Learning Support teacher  1999 - 2001
             - Exeter JHS Life Skills Support teacher  2001 - 2017
             - Exeter HS CrossRoads Transition teacher  2017 - present
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