• Discipline Philosophy - Junior High

        Our discipline philosophy is based on the following beliefs:

    -Students are expected to treat others with respect and dignity.

    -Students must be held responsible and accountable for their behavior.

    -Violations of school regulations may impede an individual's chances for academic success and inhibit the achievement of other students.

    -Students should be encouraged to work toward their potential and appropriate behaviors should be acknowledged.

    -Schools must discipline with dignity, consistently and with an understanding of the developmental levels of students.

    -The maintaining of appropriate behaviors and discipline is the shared responsibility of students, parents, teachers, and administrators.

    -Students must demonstrate an understanding of their inappropriate behavior(s) by stating in their own words what the infraction means and its impact on others or the educational setting.

    -Guidance counselors will take an active role in the behavioral issues involving their assigned students. They will be directly involved in providing support to students who are in the in-school-suspension (ISS) program and those students who are suspended out of school.