1. Where will the content come from?

    2. Why would we pay the same amount given the potential for less content?



    1 FROM YOU — You can share photos you take by sending them to us through the Imageshare app. This is a public upload into our yearbook software, where my staff and I can view images that the public (parents and students) send us. See the link below for more details: https://www.exeter.k12.pa.us/Page/10871

    2 SPORTS PHOTOS will come from Lifetouch, VSN photography, local professional photographers, my trained yearbook staff, and any other submissions from parents!

    3 OLD GROUP PHOTOS of your son or daughter and their friends from middle school can be sent to us for the senior pages!

    4 SENIOR BABY ADS (that are OPTIONAL) are available for parents to purchase! See below for more information. To accommodate more parents, another ad size and price will be available soon! You will be notified!


    5 STORIES will be written by my Yearbook staff and other members of the school!

    6 SURVEYS that will be sent out to students to vote on! From senior superlatives to general underclassmen surveys, students can vote to share their opinions!


    These are just a few of the ways we are gathering content but the key is STUDENT AND COMMUNITY INVOLVEMENT. The more you and Exeter students participate and share with us, the better we can make the book!




    1 It will not be less content, just DIFFERENT CONTENT. Photos, surveys, stories and sections will reflect our current world and Exeter experiences, displaying all that has happened to us in this crazy unpredictable year. Quarter 1 will reflect virtual learning, and whenever school safely reopens, we will document that too!

    2 SECTION EXPANSION — Certain events were canceled BUT that means OTHER AREAS of the book can be EXPANDED. For example, the Senior Pages now may have up to 10 or more pages added to it because certain Quarter 1 events did not take place (like the parade and bonfire, or safe halloween night). This allows us to EXPAND on certain areas of the book while cutting back others that did not happen.

    3 UNIQUE CONTENT — this is hopefully a once in a lifetime situation, and therefore the books will be a time capsule of the strange year of 2020 and 2021. There will never be another year or another yearbook like the book that is made in 2021!

    4 PARENT AND STUDENT INVOLVEMENT IS KEY — use the ImageShare app or email us photos of your student for inclusion in the yearbook and it will increase your chances of getting specific photos in the book!

    5 STILL 200 PAGES — The book will still be 200 pages of quality Exeter content, that is FULL COLOR with a hard back cover. These books last a lifetime and share the collective experiences from the school year. Our typical cell phone bills cost more in 1 month than the one time payment of having a yearbook, that you will have for a LIFETIME.

    6 PROVIDES INFORMATION ABOUT EXETER — The book is helpful to parents and students to see all the great opportunities Exeter has to offer. From sports to clubs, faculty members and portraits, you can locate, identify and research the who, what, when and where regarding all aspects of the school. Want to know what clubs the school has to offer, just flip to the clubs section! Want to see a picture of one of your son or daughters' new friends? Just look them up in the index! Want to see who each of your son or daughter’s teachers are? Look them up in the faculty section. The book is your YELLOW PAGES of Exeter!


    If you have any other specific questions or concerns regarding this years book, please reach out to Mr. White at jmwhite@exetersd.org