• The Talon – Mr. Mark Wisniewski, Advisor

    newspaperESHS's newspaper, The Talon, is a monthly publication available to all students. Composed by students from grades 9 through 12, articles include news, commentary, art, sports, and special features. The Talon involves students in all aspects of the news including reporting, editing, and layout.

    Yearbook – Mr. John White

    The Pioneer, the senior high yearbook, is delivered in May. The staff tries to photograph each student, faculty member, and building support staff member so that a lasting record of the school year exists.

    Stage Crew – Mr. William Cain, Advisor

    The stage crew is responsible for the preparation and the staging of all productions presented in the auditorium. Music, lighting, props, microphones, and other production materials must be procured from and operated by the stage crew. Students interested in joining this activity should see the faculty sponsor.

    Eagleaires – Ms. Amanda Delbo, Advisor

    Eagleaires are selected by audition and director’s choice. There will be a maximum of twenty (20) singers selected. All rehearsals will be outside of school time, that is, not during the scheduled school day. The only prerequisite for Eagleaires membership is participation in the high school chorus for the entire school year (both semesters). The basic criterion for the group is a balance and quality of sound. Auditions will be held in the fall after the auditions for County and District Choruses.

    Marching Band – Ms. Micki Potlunas & Mr. Terry Lorah, Advisors

    The ensemble is open to Marching Band
    any music student playing a band instrument or wishing to be part of the band front. The group will play at all Eagle football games, selected parades and possibly some adjudications. Requirements for participation in the group are a strong sense of dedication and a desire to be part of a class operation and spirited ensemble.

    S.A.D.D. – Ms. Christina Pinkerton, Advisor

    Students Against Destructive Decisions is Exeter’s representation in a national effort to combat the perils of poor decision making. Fundraising, public relations and school activities are sponsored throughout the year.

    Latin Club – Mr. Matthew Hummer, Advisor

    Latin Club promotes the study of Latin and the culture of the Roman Empire. Activities include a Latin banquet held toward the end of the school year.

    Quiz Bowl – Mr. Robert Wickstrom, Advisor

    The Quiz Bowl team competes with other schools in four matches coordinated by the BCIU. Teams compete to answer questions that range from trivia to arts and science. Quiz Bowl members also participate in the computerized Knowledge Master Open competition in fall and spring.

    Mock Trial Club – Mrs. Deborah Lambdin, Advisor

    The Mock Trial Club develops speaking skills that are essential for aspiring lawyers, actors, politicians and those pursuing many other careers. Activities include debates on current events and real trials in real courtrooms.
    The Mock Trial program consists of students participating in a trial and assuming the roles of prosecutors, defense attorneys, witnesses, plaintiffs and defendants. Students compete against other schools who try the same case. This makes the activity challenging and fun.

    National Honor Society – Mrs. Nancy Gajewski and Mr. Pete Clark, Advisors

    Candidates for the National Honor Society are required to have at least one semester of attendance at Exeter Township Senior High School and be members of the junior or senior classes. Applications for membership will be made available to interested students in the beginning of May each year. Fully completed applications will be due by the beginning of June of that same year. A committee of secondary teachers will review the applications every summer and assess them against a 16-point rubric. All students whose applications earn a minimum score of 12 will receive an invitation to the society. Upon completion of the induction ceremony, each member of the society must maintain a 92 percent weighted marking period average and complete two club-sponsored service projects each academic year for the remainder of their time at Exeter. 

    Student Council – Mrs. Jill Rudy, Advisor

    Student Council is the government and the voice of the student body. The organization acts on behalf of the students in matters concerning the faculty, administration, and the student body.

    Jazz Band – Ms. Micki Potlunas, Advisor

    Jazz Band membership is determined jazz
    by an audition held the previous spring. Standard big band jazz instrumentation will be used. A variety of jazz styles will be explored, and the group will perform at most concerts and for various civic occasions. Member-ship in concert band (orchestra for string-based instruments) is required.

    Y-Teens – Mrs. Anne Thomas, Advisor

    Y-Teens is a service organization that serves the school and community. Most activities and meetings are held outside of school hours. Y-Teens welcomes dedicated persons with a desire to serve others!

    Leo Club – Mr. Will Lasky, Advisor

    Leo Club is a co-ed service club sponsored by the Exeter Township Lions Club.

    Key Club – Mrs, Gabriella Wegman, Advisor

    Key Club is a co-ed high school service organization. The members fulfill the objectives of their club through projects of all types. New members are selected from all grades in the fall of the year.

    F.E.A. – Ms. Chris Pinkerton, Advisor

    Future Educators of America is designed for students who are interested in pursuing a career in education.

    German Club – Mrs. Carolyn Woodford, Advisor

    The German Club provides students with activities to advance their German language skills and cultural awareness. These activities include German conversation during meals at local restaurants, hosting activities for the German American Partnership Program, as well as organizing other cultural events.
    Additional Advisors & Organizations

    Freshman Class Advisor - Mr. Lowell Keebler
    Sophomore Class Advisor - Miss Courtney Lutz
    Junior Class Advisor - Mr. Mark Wisniewski
    Senior Class Advisor - Mrs. Lisa McCoy

    Fall Drama Production - Mrs. Marian Cain

    Spring Musical - Mrs. Kathy Galtere

    Photography Club - TBA

    Chess Club - Mr. Robert Wickstrom
    Spanish Club - Mrs. Tammy DeFusco & Ms. Kelsey Billie
    French Club - Mrs. Rebecca Lapic
    GSA - Mrs. Nancy Gajewski
    TSA - Mr. Terry Lorah