• Name: Karen B. Weinhold
    Phone:( 610) 779-3060 ext. 2404
    Room #: E104
    Teacher Bio:  I have been in the education field since 1997 and at Exeter since 2002. Prior to
     teaching I had earned a BS degree in Geologic Oceanography from Millersville University and
     had several jobs in the  science field. I was a chemical formulator of dry powdered media
    (an agar like substance). I worked as a soil technician for an engineering company. I also
     worked as a geologist doing ground water clean-up for an environmental consultant company.
     After staying home for a few years to start to raise 3 sons while working part-time, I attended
     Kutztown University and became certified to teach Earth/space and general science. In May
     of 2006 I earned a Masters of Science Education from Lebanon Valley. I love learning new
     things, the beach, music, enjoy most outdoor and sports activities, yoga, movies and reading.